Our special pump factories are expanding their services from general spare parts as shaft, impeller, mechanical seal, etc, to pump completes for cooling FW & SW, fire & GS, boiler feed and etc.
Cooling FW
& SW pump
Shaft & Gland
Mechanical seal
O Rings & Sleeve
100HC-B, 100HC-BM, 125VCS-A, 125VCS-AM, 30X20MSS, 32X20MSS, 40X3/4MSSM, 50BF-A5, 50BF-A5M, 50MS-AM, 50MS-BM, 50CSM, 50MS-B, 50MSS-AM, 50MSS-B, 50MSS-BM, 50MSS-J, 50X25MSS, 50X25MSSm 65BF-A5, 65BF-AA, 65CSM, 65CSMm, 80CSM, 125VCS-A, 125VCS-AM
AHJ-50, AHJ-50-2M, EL-40-2, ELS-40, GH-50, GH-50M, GVD-260-2, GVD-260-2M, GVD-260-4, HJ-40, HK-40M, SHQ-50, SHQ-50M, SHQ-65M, SHQ-65MH, SVS-100, SVS-100M, SVS-125, SVS-125M, SVS-125MS, SVS-125S, SVS-150S, SAC-150
WY-2Y, CY-5G, CY-5GN, HSY-5J, UHY-5J, WY-5XH, WY-5Z, PSY-6G, HSY-15L, HLY-35F, HK-55D, HLY-55M, HK-60H, HSY-60J, HK-75E, VSK-150K, VSK-150L, VSK-180J, M-2B, M-5B, HP-2
BH-50, FEV-100, FEV-100-2D, FEV-100D, FEV-100E, FB2V-125, FBSV-125, FBV-125. FEV-125, FEV-125D, FEV-125E, FB2V-150, FB2V-150-2, FEV-150, FEV-150E, FEV-200, FEV-200D,FEV-200E, VK-20
EHC-80B, EMC-100C, EMC-100C-C11, EMC-125, EMC-125C, EMC-125MCT, EMC-150, EMC-150C, EMC-250C, EMC-250MC, ESC-125D, ESC-125MDT, ESC-125S, HK-75E, HNP-201, HNP-301
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